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Solar Stove™

Launching Soon!!.....


  • Will I get Solar Stove™ as seen on company website, news and other media?"
    No, what you see on our website, news or media is just prototype (kachcha test), the final product that for user will come with adorable greater design and ease of usage.
  • What does Solar Stove™ do?
    It’s complete cooking solution that can cook anything, anywhere, anytime just like cooking LPG stove or electric cooktop, even sometimes better.
  • Can I cook multiple meals just like my gas stove?
    Yes, Solar Stove™ cooks all types of Indian breakfast, lunch and dinner just like any other cooktop yet more conveniently, comfortably and reliably. Solar Stove™ cooks all your dishes like Chapati/Roti, Puri, Pakoda, Tadka and other dishes at the same speed just like LPG or electric cooktop.
  • What if there are rains, clouds or lesser sun time?"
    Solar Stove™ works on novel Thermal Storage material that ensures that you have uninterrupted fully controlled cooking experience. Solar Stove™ also has optional alternate pluggable energy options for more energy demanding situation like guests and dark cloudy days; it ensured such reliability so you don’t need to depend on any other cooking system.
  • How do I buy Solar Stove™?
    We are presently doing rigorous field trail to ensure quality in all types of usage. We are working very hard to make it available to you at earliest. We request you to fill in your contact details to receive updates on happenings with Solar Stove™. Please also get connected on various social media platforms.
  • What is the expected price of Solar Stove™?
    We have already made it to price where it provides you 75% saving over its service life compared to LPG, electricity or Solar electric induction etc. We are still constantly working hard to make sure it’s more accessible and affordable to all.
  • Is any government subsidy available on the Solar Stove™?
    As of now there is no clear policy from government but we largely believe it shall fit into Solar Off-grid category which already have 40% subsidy. More over domestic LPG is highly subsidized and requires being imported yet it pollutes; Solar Stove™ as substitute shall be better support. Yet, final decision is to be made by Government. As far as India is concerned Honourable Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi has shown deep interest in Solar Cooking solution like Solar Stove™ and we are optimistic that he will take stronger call in interest of woman empowerment, national and environmental interest.
  • How Solar Stove™ is better than conventional gas stoves?
    Solar Stove™ is better in many ways and you might really get surprised Only solution that works on pure heat (directly) and nothing else Yet, No sweat (no heat to you but to utensil only) No flame, No fire, No smoke, No explosive, No leakage [usually found in LPG] No electromagnetic waves (usually found in induction or microwave) No pollution (neither indoor pollution [LPG] nor outdoor[electricity]) Healthy and nutritious food Both health friendly kitchen and healthy food
  • What else I can expect from Solar Stove™?
    Much more than any other cooking solution Solar Stove™ is One and only of its kind in the world Fully packaged cooking energy-appliance solution (generation, storage & appliance) Self-sufficiency Full solution, no need or other backup or alternate solution No fuel collection, No monthly gas/energy expense Independence No sweat, No kitchen suffocation No price rise of gas/electricity Saves cooking time, more productive independence Long life of decades Accessible, to city and even to remotest location like island or peak of Himalaya Sustainable Future Most sustainable way of cooking for you and generations to come Replace LPG with Solar Stove™ can save CO2 emission equivalent to driving a car for 2000 km per year or saving 10 tall trees. Solar Stove™ alone can reduce world global warming by 20% and Indian pollution by 35%.
  • How much time does it takes to charge?
    It has automatic charging mechanism, very transparent to user for regular daily usage. For any extra usage it can be fully charged in less than 2 hours.
  • How much cook time do I get when Solar Stove™ is fully charged?
    Standard model can be used for 3 hours cooking, but you can choose other smaller and larger sizes for your specific requirement.
  • Can I cook chapatis/rotis on Solar Stove™?
    Yes, user can cook every dish like they used to cook on Gas, with better taste and nutrition.
  • Is it risky to use Solar Stove™?
    No, as matter of fact Solar Stove™ the safer and reliable solution compared to any main stream cooking solutions e.g. LPG, PNG, Kerosene, electric appliance.
  • Models/variants available for Solar Stove™?
    We are beginning with Solar Stove™ but there will many more models/variant to meet advance modern kitchen life style of generation next.
  • How do I become a master franchisee/distributor/retailer of Solar Stove™?
    We are in process to define our business and distribution strategy and partnership, Please write to us on for business interest. You can email your business profile at
  • How much capital & what type of infrastructure is required for Solar Stove™ partners (retailers/ distributors etc)?
    For more details, please write to us on for business interest. You can email your business profile at
  • Are there any licencing fees/government fees to be paid to become partner of Solar Stove™?
    For more details, please write to us on for business interest. You can email your business profile at
  • What is the core mission & vision of Solar Stove™?
    UNesar is committed to bring new energy, appliance and cooking experience in every kitchen of the world. For more details, please write to us on for business interest. You can email your business profile at
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