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Solar Stove™

Launching Soon!!.....


Full Range Cook Stove
(Support Roti Baking, Roasting, Frying, Steaming, Boiling)

Zero O&M, Fast Payback

Attractive payback of 3 years and very less maintenance cost 

Day - Night & All Season
Energy stored for 3 meals

for 1 day and option

for electrical charging.

Pleasant & Safe Kitchen
Non-hazardous, heat &

emission free kitchen,

provides best experience

Indoor Cooking

Storage & use based 

cooking gives comfort 

anytime & anywhere 

Long Product Life
Unique properties of

storage gives consistent performance & long life

Fully Packaged Solution
End-to-end solution with energy generation, storage

& cooking appliance

Why it's Safe?

Best Safety: All components and the whole system is designed for best safety 

Child safety: During Non-Cooking hours Thermal Storage is covered with lockable insulation lid

Storage Material Lock Arrangement: The thermal storage material doesn’t spill out in events of regular handling or accidents

Efficient Insulation: For user comfort and safety (Thermal Storage outer body temperature is safe & comfortable as per international standards)

Hot-Plate Liquid Spillage Protection: Unique design protects system from any accidental spillage while cooking

Attribution: Icons from Freepik

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